A Rubber Band Story

A Rubber Band Story

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A Rubber Band Story and Other Poker Tales by Tommy Angelo is a handy collection of Tommy's most popular poker articles, along with new notes to the readers that take you behind the curtain on Angelo's history and writing process. 

It's portable, it's fun, and who doesn’t want to know about The Worst Play Ever?


Matt Lessinger: "Three hours later I had finished reading all fifty-five of Tommy Angelo’s stories. In short, they are fantastic."

John Vorhaus: "If you’re looking for either a tasty read or a source of poker wisdom, A RUBBER BAND STORY AND OTHER POKER TALES is a tome for you. You’ll come away with some laughs, some insights and a whole lot of new food for thought."

Alan Schoonmaker: "If your only goal is to improve your poker results, read his Elements of Poker. If you want a little boost to your profits, but primarily want to spend an enjoyable, stimulating couple of hours, read this one TOO."

Nick Chapman: "Tommy has such a unique personality and writing style, he stands far out from other poker writers. I was amazed how much his stories related to my own experiences, even playing poker at a novice level." 

PalSport: "I was surprised how little I disliked this book, since I usually don’t care for stories about rubber bands, but (spoiler alert) despite the title, rubber bands play a very small role in this collection of poker lessons disguised as well-told stories."

About me

I always wanted to be a writer when I grow up. And a musician. And a poker player. And that's how it turned out. I made my living in the 80's playing drums and piano. Then for 15 years I was a professional poker player, dabbling in writing. And now I write full time. Though I must say, I still don't feel like I've grown up yet.

Painless Poker is my third book with the word Poker in the title, and likely my last. Next I want to try to write novels.

The reason I feel qualified to write about the dark side of poker, and ways to brighten it up, is because I have coached 100 poker players, mostly professional players, on all the most delicate aspects of the game, such as self-destruction, table presence, and convincing your mom that you're not insane for dedicating your life to a card game.

Thanks for stopping by. There's tons of free content at my site, and also details about my coaching program. You can check that out at tommyangelo.com.


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